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  • 60% off our Google AdWords ad campaign setup fee!

    February 20, 2013 by Simon Dunn
  • Our Google AdWords setup fee is normally $99.95 - now with the discount applied it is just $39.98, that's a saving of $59.97! To claim your 60% discount simply apply the coupon code 'freeads' in your shopping cart when you checkout. This offer is only valid until the 15th of March 2013.

    We already offer all of our Google AdWords clients a free $100 incentive voucher to get your account started, you need to spend $25 before your $100 credit is activated. So basically you get $100 worth of free advertising on the Google AdWords network, plus the 60% discount off the setup fee.

    You can take advantage of this offer here on our Google AdWords Management product page.

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