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We can help your brand get results from the Social Media networks

Social media networks have become a force to be reckoned with as far as Internet traffic and online marketing are concerned over the past few years. Social media has revolutionised the way people spend their time and interact online, it only makes sense that this is the best place to position your brand. People have become addicted to Facebook to the point where they spend countless hours per day on it across multiple devices.

If you aren't already harnessing the power of social media for branding and to help raise awareness of your products, then now is the time to get serious. Even if you do use the social media channels for your business already, are you doing it right? We can show you how to grow your audience across the social media platforms and how to engage them and keep them coming back for more.

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The more buzz you can create on social networks, the more highly qualified traffic you can send back to your web site. Social media referral traffic converts well, we have had very good results particularly with paid and organic referral traffic from Facebook. We can custom design a social media strategy especially for your business to help you reach your business goals.

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How your business can benefit directly from exposure on Social Media

  • Increase brand awareness and visibility for your products and your business
  • Connect directly with your customers & followers and answer their queries
  • Gain much more targeted traffic going to your website from social media referrals
  • Run special offers and promotions in ways that help to spread your brand virally
  • Send very highly targeted traffic via Facebook and LinkedIn ad campaigns to your site
  • Reach potential customers who had never heard of your business before, for free
  • Keep your followers engaged and receptive to your posts so they share them willingly
  • Generate more leads and sales from direct referrals from social media channels
  • Target extremely specific demographics with Facebook ad campaigns and get results!


Facebook Advertising Campaign Setup & Management

We can create, manage and optimise Facebook ad campaigns for your business

Facebook Facebook advertising campaigns are a very effective way to increase your website traffic and your online sales and enquiries. They can also be used to build up your followers on your Facebook business page, or to give special discount offers on your products and services. Facebook advertising can be a lot cheaper when paying per click than other advertising networks.

The targeting options offered make it very easy to target by location, age, gender and many other specific interests so you can really pinpoint your target audience. Knowing your audience and targeting them well saves you money on your advertising spend and increases your conversion rate. Facebook has a conversion tracking feature so all conversions that come via your ads can be tracked.

We are proud members of the Facebook Small Business Agency Program so we have all of the latest training, tools and techniques to help you succeed with Facebook advertising campaigns.

We can create, manage and optimise Facebook advertising campaigns for your business. Use the form at the bottom of this page to contact us to find out more about getting your Facebook ads setup and managed by us.

Social Media Channels Setup

We can create optimised social media pages for your business

Facebook  Twitter  Google +  Google +  LinkedIn We can design and develop custom social media pages for your business, product or brand. We know what it takes to make your pages stand out and look great. We will optimise your pages with SEO taken into account so you will get the full benefit of harnessing social media to drive links and traffic to your website.

We can also provide you with detailed monthly reports showing how your audience is engaging and interacting with your social media pages, and how this activity is driving traffic and sales via your website.

We know how to optimise all of these social media pages for you so your business stands out from the crowd.

Google+ For Business Pages

We can show you how to harness the power of Google+ for Business

Google + There is a relatively new social media network that you really should be utilising for your business. You need a Google+ for business page setup and you need to be actively using it to engage your audience and create a social buzz. Google+ for business allows your business to be found online, plus it allows you to interact directly with your audience and get recommendations in the form of "plus ones".

The growth rate of the Google+ network has been phenomenal compared to the other social networks. The fact that it is in the Google network means it does have some influence towards search rankings, so links coming from your Google+ page to your website are essential.

We know how to optimise your Google+ for business page for the search engines so that you get the most out of it. Check out our blog post about Google+ for more information about Google+ and Google+ for Business pages.

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Need more highly targeted traffic for your website?

Sounds like you need to try using Google AdWords to market your business online. We can create and manage text and image(banner) ad campaigns for you. You can learn more about AdWords on our Google AdWords page. We give all of our new AdWords clients a voucher to get $100 worth of advertising for free!